Saint Ignatius Said . . .


“We will much sooner tire of receiving His gifts than he of giving them.” And again, “I have no doubts regarding that highest Goodness who is so eager to share His gifts, or of that everlasting love which makes Him more eager to give us our perfection than we to receive it.”  Most of us beg to differ as we mentally recount the requests we’ve made in prayer that all of Heaven apparently ignored. In fact, many fall away from faith because of needs  earnestly prayed for, but not received. Too often the next step is mock the very existence of a good God.

According to Ignatius’ Spiritual Exercises, which has led Christians into a fuller, more joyous faith since around 1523, our ingratitude is the usually the culprit. He encourages all to spend some time each day remembering and thanking God for the favors granted that day. As followers continue in that practice, they gradually become more aware of the numerous instances in each day that God blesses them with insight, good advice, random “luck,” propitious contacts, and favorable circumstances.  Slowly they begin to realize that the fault is not in God, but in busyness and self centeredness that prevents them from taking advantage of the graces He sends.

On this feast day of St. Ignatius of Loyola, let us take time to notice and thank God for His favors and graces. Then let’s make it a habit.




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