Where are you, Kaye

2016-02-10 07.56.19


In Genesis, God calls to Adam, asking him where he is. This was a generous opportunity for Adam to repent, but like mot of us, he refused the opportunity. Instead, he started making excuses and passing the buck.

Today is Ash Wednesday, when the Church lovingly asks all Christians, “Where are you?” During the Ash Wednesday services, we are reminded to “Repent, and believe the Gospel.” Then we leave to go home and start examining our lives again to see where we need to repent or change and how we can become believers who follow our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ ever more closely.

My dear Heavenly Father, please help me to let go of those stupid little habits that I cling to for comfort and to more fully cling to, rely on, and appreciate your Son. Thus, I shall learn to love You more deeply and fruitfully. In the name of Jesus, Amen

  • Handmade “Old Rugged Cross” by Suzanne Fairweather

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