Why Pray?




If God knows everything about us, especially all the things we need, then why should we waste our time praying?

We pray because prayer benefits us like nothing else.

  • Prayer develops our relationship with God, just as all close relationships develop through communication.

  • Prayer opens our minds and hearts to understand God more fully, especially His expectations of us.

  • Prayer keeps us from being too self-centered

  • Prayer teaches us to appreciate other people in our lives and to understand how important they are to our well-being.

  • Prayer helps us understand more deeply how much God cares for us.

  • Prayer gives us direction about choices and changes we need to make.

  • Prayer coaches us as we grow in the virtues, which are necessary if we are to live a happy life.

  • Prayer enables us to love other people.

  • Prayer renews our spirits so we can face the challenges in our lives instead of running away from them.

  • Prayer provides calm in the middle of a crisis.

  • Prayer connects us with a powerful God who loves us and eagerly wants to help us

  • Prayer improves everything.

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