Answers to Prayer: A Follow-up to Why Pray?




Of course, there are times when we are shocked because our prayer ARE answered, sometimes in an unexpected way, sometimes when we least expect it. Not only is it always a good and joyful thing to praise the Lord, it encourages others to discover both big and little ways that God makes Himself known to us.

I am a cancer survivor of 25 years: breast cancer in 1991, metastasis to lung in 2006, colon cancer in 2005, and ocular melanoma in 2005. So in June I went to one of my oncologists because I had become much more of a stumblebum than usual, I had frequent headaches, I found a bony abnormality on a rib near where the original breast tumor had been, and I couldn’t get rid of a cough. And I could not walk a straight line (the kind of test they give on side of highway with DUI cases) in her examining room,  so she ordered a CT scan like I’d been having since 2005 and an MRI.

I left her office with the possibility of either Multiple Sclerosis or brain tumor hanging over my head while I waited for the results of the tests. With my history, I figured MS would be the best I could hope for.

I did attend a special healing service at my parish, which just “happened” to be scheduled a few days before the tests. But, because I no longer drive at night, I had to leave before the laying on of hands or individual prayers. As I walked out, I silently told God that I was ready for whatever He wanted in my life, but at that point, I didn’t expect much.

Several days later, I steeled myself as I heard the door knob turn and I knew Dr. Kramer was coming in to explain the lab, scan, and MRI reports to me.

But when the door opened, she danced into the room almost laughing as she said there were no problems. The scans showed no change in three years and the MRI revealed absolutely no problems. We talked and laughed and repeated ourselves for about 1o minutes. It was one of those occasions when the news is so overwhelming and so good that even educated, articulate people just babble happily with each other.

As I drove home, I thought about my score: Kaye, 4 and Cancer 0, even though two of those cancers were Stage 4. How can I possibly measure up to such an abundance of grace?

I invite any reader to continue this saga by reporting your own answers to prayer in the comments section. Please.

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