Can Beauty Save The World? Luis Haza’s Answer


Luis’ father was Chief of Police in Santiago, Cuba when Fidel Castro first gained power and forced an end to Batista’s government. At first, Col. Haza gladly supported the Castro brothers, believing that a sparkling new era of freedom was just on the horizon. But, like many Cubans, he openly objected when the new regime admitted its Communist intentions.

Like all revolutionaries, Castro then methodically began to kill or imprison anyone in any position of authority who did not value the new rules and turn of events. Thus, the Chief of Police and seventy other men were lined up in a nearby cow pasture and shot for their lack of appreciation.

Eight-year-old Luis Haza found solace for his grief only when funneling energy and attention into violin lessons. By age eleven, he began performing solos all over the country. When he was twelve, the Castro regime “invited” him to perform for a gala television special to be shown nationwide.

Instead, Luis chose not to show up for his great “honor.” A few days later, a group of armed soldiers stormed his home, broke into his practice studio, and demanded that he play for them – or else.

Trembling, the young lad picked up his bow and violin. Slowly, gingerly he began to play just as the soldiers had insisted. But the government thugs were stupefied into silence and paralyzed with uncertainty as the unmistakable strains of ‘The Star Spangled Banner” filled the room.

Luiz Haza escaped from Cuba, grew up in the United States, and continued his life as a human rights advocate, violin virtuoso, and Grammy Award winning conductor. After performing in many venues around the world, gaining both acclaim and accolades, Haza now serves as Music Director and Conductor for the Coastal Symphony of Georgia.

Beauty did save his world!

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