A Grateful Heart Creates Beauty

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This is a picture of my mother in an earlier, happier time when she visited in Garden Hills. This was on the back deck and she was busily setting the table as if the King of Siam was coming for dinner. Instead, it was just us kids, eating supper together.

If you have followed this blog awhile, you will remember that her memory is practically non-existent now. It’s so bad that I have to re-introduce myself when I call her. And an hour later, she may or may not remember that I called at all, much less anything we discussed.

But I still call several times a week because she is so happy to talk, whether she remembers much about the call or not. She doesn’t forget that warm, happy feeling of being loved and does all that she can to return it.  Despite some cognitive losses, she’s never forgotten to show gratitude.

This weekend, when I talked to the person caring for her, she interrupted our conversation to explain to him how happy the supper she had just eaten made her feel. She extolled its delicate flavors and nutrition as if some famous chef had just dropped in to prepare it. Mind you, she’s served three meals a day, many of which are boring and repetitive. Still, she thanks them out loud for any effort on her behalf.  Every. Single. Time.

 And she’s never lost that rare ability to bring out the best in other people just by having a generous attitude toward them. I have watched many social misfits that everyone else found boring, blossom and actually becoming rather witty after an hour or two of her rapt attention. Strangely enough, often they even became easier on the eye as they relaxed in the warmth of her approval.

As I eavesdropped over the phone, I began remembering how often I had seen her eyes light up and her face soften as she tried to convince someone else of his great value to the rest of the world.

Apparently, gratitude brings beauty to both the giver and the receiver. Maybe we don’t get halo’s, but everyone appears more attractive and happier when they have a grateful heart. Perhaps we should try it more often.

12 thoughts on “A Grateful Heart Creates Beauty

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