Learning from Beauty


David by Michelangelo — 1501-1504 — Marble

Galleria dell’Accademia, Florence, Italy

“In every work of art, something is being asserted about God and the world he has made, and that something measures up, in varying degrees to what God Himself has revealed to us. This applies to all forms of art.” 

from a blog post by Deacon Lawrence: “The Artist Teaches Through His Art” found at https://www.thewayofbeauty.org/blog/2018/7/the-artist-teaches-through-his-art

Note from One Eye and Half Sense – When Michelangelo carved this depiction of David as a young shepherd, most other artists had shown David after defeating Goliath, complete with gruesome pictures of the dead giant. However, this artist illustrates the youthful warrior just before the battle, his slingshot, somewhat nonchalantly, thrown over his shoulder.  Yet David’s body is tense as he studies his enemy, planning the precision throw that will achieve his goal, just as it had done many times before when facing wild animals preying on his sheep. And thus, beauty teaches us to rethink our suppositions and consider with more care the world around us, perhaps finding a new way to solve a problem.


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