I offer this blog to honor the memory of my grandmother, Effie Cobb Meroney

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I grew up watching my grandmother shake her head in disgust and say, “Well, it looks like anyone with one eye and half-sense would know better than that,” three or four times a day.  I seldom understood the reasons for her pronouncements, but they always came after a news broadcast or while she was reading the newspaper.  I do know that she loathed the New Deal and the programs associated with it, even though few other ranchers in Lea County, New Mexico agreed with her at that time.

Frequently she sat down with a Parker pen and black ink to write letters on beautiful sheets of white paper explaining her positions to either state or federal officials. At least once a week she got a letter back from either Washington or Santa Fe. I am not certain how often she won the argument, but I do know she made her points logically in carefully crafted sentences.

Now that I am nearly as old as she was when she died, I fully understand her disgust. Everyday, as I scan the Internet, I see five or six instances of sheer stupidity either by politicians or bureaucrats that make me say to myself, “Surely anyone with one eye and half-sense would know better than that.”