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Photograph of Albert Einstein’s desk at Princeton April, 1955 by Ralph Morse 

Because Holly from The Holly Tree Tales kindly nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award, I get to talk about my self a little (Win #1) and then nominate other writers for this same award (Win #2).

Win #1: Here are all the tidbits you’ve always wanted to know about me, aka Twinkletoes.

  1. While most bloggers seem to like to write, I absolutely hate it. A blank piece of paper (or screen) makes my brain freeze and often causes a sudden  overwhelming compulsion to clean the shower grout with a Q-tip — again. The only reliable cure is to chain myself to the desk. The reason I blog is that I truly love to HAVE WRITTEN.  Once it’s done, I’m deliriously happy until it’s time to do it again.

  1. I constantly delude myself that I really am organized despite the slovenly piles of paper, books, letters, and notes that frequently park themselves on top of my desk. I keep explaining to all the Neatniks around that it’s really a novel form of horizontal filing, advanced well beyond the common vertical method. When that ploy fails, I fall back on a picture of Einstein’s desk, see above, as well as his words of comfort:

     “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, then what are

    we to think of an empty desk?”  

       Just to keep my personal reputation intact, the rest of the house is

       straight and clean. My desk is the troublemaker.

  1. My worst addiction is a truly terrible one, apparently incurable. At one time, I had floor-to-ceiling bookcases, each full of books in my office, in my living room, in my den, and in my bedroom. (Don’t tell anyone, but I also had smaller ones in the upstairs bedrooms for the children and guests). At least once, I purged most of them by giving boxes of books to family, friends, and several car loads to the local library. At that time, I honestly believed that I could live with the precious few I had left. However, books still follow me home on many occasions, so the collection is growing again. Needless to say, my favorite haunt continues to be a good bookstore that also sells coffee.

  1. I’ve recently fallen in love with the Bulletproof Diet/way of life. Right now I don’t much care whether it’s exactly what the doctor ordered or not because following it is so much fun. What’s not to like about a plan that encourages you to drink coffee and eat good dark chocolate?

  1. I absolutely love classical music, probably because my mother played the piano well. As kids, my brother and I frequently  wheedled and cried until she would relent and play “In A Persian Market” by Ketelbey one more time on an ancient upright piano. Later, we were both marched to as many recitals and concerts as she could afford. And from middle school on, we were treated to seats in the nosebleed section every spring when the opera came to Dallas.

  1. Because I inherited many of my grandmother’s passions, I, too, am a political junkie. Since sixth grade I’ve avidly followed Presidential elections and events in the DC swamp as well as state politics. So it surprises no one that I also frequently appropriate her signature phrase, “Anyone with one eye and half sense would know better than to . . . .”  Unfortunately, I recently discovered that many of these defamed political decisions, at least since WWII, were not stupid, but selfish and corrupt instead.

  1. I first learned about the power of beauty to heal as a child when my father was killed in a plane crash. Music and “pretty rooms” offered comfort when everything else in my life turned upside down. Since then my goal has always been to create beauty everywhere possible, although I have neither musical nor artistic talent. Apparently my talent is to notice and appreciate the good, the true, and the beautiful, then point it out to others. Hence the current topic on my blog, One Eye and Half Sense, is to discuss beauty in its many forms.

Win #2  Next, you really should check out Holly’s blog: Her excellent writing covers many topics such as:  life, leadership, health, food, business, parenting, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, inspiration, poetry, gardens, the environment, farming, autobiography, inspiring people, and other topics she chooses to share with others.

And now, saving the best for last and accompanied by a stirring drumroll, I get to nominate other bloggers to become Award Winning Versatile Bloggers. Would each of you please post on your blog  seven things about yourself, then nominate 15, or so, other bloggers to do the same. This is your chance to enjoy a moment in the spotlight where others can see more about you and your achievements.

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