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Do not be afraid to be generous

Elijah said to her, “Do not be afraid; go and do as you have said;

but first make me a little cake of it and bring it to me,

and afterwards make something for yourself and your son.”

I Kings 17:13

In a time of famine, Elijah asks a widow to feed him even though she only has enough food left for one last meal for her son and herself.  Amazingly she complies and then discovers that her supplies never run out during the rest of the famine. Today, many Americans are feel like they are in the same boat as the widow: lack of jobs, inflation, medical bills, car repairs, etc. wake them up in the middle of the night sweating with fear. Daydreams of abundance vanished four or five years ago. Now expenses constantly overpower income with no relief in sight.

But even in hard times, we must not live in fear. God is with us, always looking out for us. The question always is: are we with God?

God fully expects everyone to live frugally, especially during hard times. But even so, every once in a while He offers a moment of grace that calls us to be generous with whatever we have. Teaching a neighbor how to change her own oil, hanging curtain rods for elderly neighbors, babysitting someone’s toddler, or baking a cake for a new family nearby all tend to heal us, to give us strength, to make us more creative, and perhaps even extend our resources.

In other words, giving revives our own souls and gets us through times of famine.