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Cheers to Fathers!

War on Women? Are you kidding me? The war on men and boys has been careening 90 miles an hour through our culture since the very early ‘60’s. And by 2013, sadly, we are left with too many males who are nothing but limp-wristed, lily-livered, pantywaisted dudes.

Every child needs to grow up with a father and a mother because they are different. Men and women see life differently, solve problems differently, show affection differently. In ideal situations, children learn from babyhood on how to live with and understand both men and women. But today, more and more people reveal the deficiencies of growing up with the gender-neutral platitudes and practices that have been forced upon them. From roaming gangs that demand a grotesque form of manhood from its adherents, to those who remain confused about all genders, even their own, to those who need liquor, drugs, pornography, or sex to temporarily assuage their implacable insecurities, too many Americans reveal emotional handicaps.

So, I take this Father’s Day, June 16, 2013 to salute the men in my life who have valiantly resisted pop culture and offer their children and wives that rare treat of manly men who take their rightful roles protecting their families from the demonic assaults on peace and personal freedom that turn up almost daily. Here’s to the men who lovingly teach their children the ways of God as well as the ways of the world.

Thank you John Del, Jaudon, Ruben, and Craig from everyone who comes in contact with you or your children.